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On the “fourteenth section” of this chapter, I have cleared out more details concerning the principles of cosmic origin and cosmic expansion. However, you must understand it, under, and exclusively under the point of view I am broaching the subject.

And I have tried to go deep on the vision about the “Vibrations Theory” or “Spanda Matam”. I have talked about the vibrations and perceptions of the cosmos, and also about the regular difficulties that are placed between the discussions and even the comprehension about such a subject. Specially due to the fact that they still are in full development.

On this “fifteenth section” I will continue developing all this vision, the same way the double nature of light does, being at one time a vibrational wave at the same time as being a structure of particles, i.e. it bears other realities. Because of that, it offers us another fantastic perspective about the origins of this universe and of others, in such a way that we are allowed to see it all with a deeper and yet different look. And also, so that we can rethink our actual parameters and realize new concepts, new matrices and new values, because they already exist both in others and in the dimension we live in, even despite the fact we haven’t revealed them yet

Breaking up with Concepts and Prejudices

From a very unique point of view, the distensions of the vibrational light waves, directly interfere in time, space and fortuity. This fact alters the relation time-distance. Therefore, it is not the matter that attracts or drags the time-space-fortuity, reducing its speed, once it belongs to the three of them, but the opposite. And this is what interferes on the cosmic expansion rate, among other factors.

It is under this aspect that the “Vibrations Theory” seeks some answers to questions that remain unsolved.

For example, what if it is gravity that captures and imprisons light and matter? Even because the matter, itself, is formed or consolidated, and I say more, solidified from the particles of energy of the light.

Consequently, the antimatter must be the inverted matter, in an inverted time-space-fortuity!!!

Also, besides different “cosmic resonation laws” – see previous sections – that cause different quantum phenomenon, in the deepest vibrational aspects, with its expansions, retractions, diffusions and contractions of energy waves, we must take into consideration that there is a huge number of sidereal “synchronicity laws”, that, because they act in time-space-fortuity from unconceivable distances, become diffuse synchronicities, that project themselves in tri-dimensional spiraled ellipses.

If they could – on a small or medium scale – be graphically represented on a movie screen, they would show a deeply different picture, at first, of this phenomenal universe we live in and which we try to get to know and understand, from what we conceive nowadays.

The spectrums of Creation

Another point of view within the “Vibrations Theory” is the already accepted pretext that every and each event occurs simultaneously to others of the same or form a different nature, hence, this fact shows the intrinsic and absolute connection that exists in everything that is a part of the cosmic nature.

This signalizes that there is a ‘constant vibrational frequency’ between this and other universes. And that there is between them connections that could generate vibrational dissonances and distortions. On the other hand, this also clearly shows the magnitude of the recombining processes that exists between different types of vibrational and gravitational fields, which gives birth to an ad-infinitum cosmic net, that constantly interconnects and interacts amongst the multiple cosmic universes.

It is not simple, nor that easy to set this puzzle, even if we start from an inverted logic once we are glancing from a nanoparticle – this tiny little planet of ours – at the whole picture. But it is possible to trace a subtle profile of this abyssal reality.

Observing the Skies Hippocampus

At the same time I am, slowly, striving to develop the “Vibrations Theory”, trying to figure how this all began and came to where it is today. And all my effort in using and demonstrating it through an infinity of concepts, with different explanations or expositions aim only to be basis and qualification to this Doctrine.

For example, the fact that, for every concept or key idea used here, I codify them with an equivalent Sanskrit term. Inasmuch, after tracing all this scenario, I will take some more cautious steps towards the infinity.

In the beginning of Creation, besides all other concepts I have already exposed, within the primordial cosmic mass or cosmic soup there was also a strepitous group of forces - Shakti Tchakras – diffuse and disperse acting and interacting in it. This group of phenomenal forces caused - Prabhava – events in a large scale, modifying and speeding up everything towards it. That generated an infinite variety of junctions and disjunctions - Vibhava – of this group of forces, enlarging, expanding or even contracting and withdrawing, and building up new shapes to the then pre-cosmos (?).

Such process, however, continues until the present time, in a manner that it configured this cosmic reality we try to get to know.

It is supposed that it bean with the explosion - Bindu Vishpot - of a nuclear particle (?) that created a irradiative mass of atomic light, that unfolded itself into an infinity of waves or vibrations – of different elements – that expanded themselves into every possible direction, until they had formed different heavenly configurations.

However, at the same time, such waves revealed themselves – Unmesha – lively, and absorved themselves - Nimesha – simultaneously. But this did not represent an opposition of mutual principles.

And when we consider the words Unmesha and Nimesha, they are so rich in signification, so wide that they cannot be expressed by any word in any other language. They bare innumerous meanings and possibilities, inside the most varied contexts. And it is, under his rich aspect that I use them. So that I can, not only to empower, but also to broaden to the maximize the vision of all possibilities of how it all began.

So, when at a certain point or cosmic “moment” happened or happens a manifestation or force, energy or vibration expansion, we have Unmesha.

And when at a certain point or cosmic “moment” happened or happens a retraction or submersion of forces, energies or vibrations, we have Nimesha.

On the other hand, Unmesha also means the revelation of the essential cosmic nature. As well as Nimesha also means the covering of the essential cosmic nature.

Two other concepts I am going to annex here are the following:

a) the concept of the transcendence of cosmos, or Vishvottirna;
b) the concept of immanence of cosmos, or Vishvamaya.


On the next number of our Personalité magazine we will be together again, trying, a little bit more, each time, to empower the spirit, the mind and the body, through an inner and spiritual vision, and through the practice of Hatha Yoga or of Classic Raja Yoga, in the pursuit of a better world for everyone.

Yours, fondly,
Claudio Duarte

Claudio Duarte: Member of UNESCO, Executive Secretary to PACY International (Pan American Commission for Yoga), Independent Researcher, graduated in Administration, in Sanskrit and Pedagogy, with Specialization in Oriental Philosophy, MBA Strategic Management.


Vibrations Theory

On the “fifteenth section” of this chapter, I have detailed about the cosmic resonance laws and some of its effects, over a possible constant vibrational frequency, the formation of different arch celestial configurations and, a whole set of phenomenic powers which generate new resonance laws and that split itself in new realities in the multiple universes, possibly conducted by a principle like the “Vibrations Theory” or “Spanda Matam.”

In this “sixteenth section”, I will continue with the same perspective, trying to show that the acceleration of the cosmic expansion – vishva sphaara – must have had its origin in the first beginning of everything.

But the different grades of vibrations are those which interact in different ways, within different sidereal nucleus, suffering strong accelerations in their tessitorial boundaries – as if each universe would be a rubber disc which distends in such a way that when the vibrations or waves emanated from the central nucleus arrive to the edges, they would act in a completely different form. And, may be that just this universe, in which we live in, or even many others within the immense scale of different sidereal laws, are passing through a “dilatation”, which may be either temporary or cyclic. But the main responsible for the difficulty in understanding all these phenomena is the lack of knowledge about such laws and their gauging instruments.

Time, Space and Fortuity

Even, respectfully going against the affirmations that the space comprises the time, I argue (?) where would the space be placed if – before – there would not exist the time? Whereas the space is not infinite, even considering the cosmic expansion or vishva sphaara, it has a beginning and a midst, as well as its uncountable galaxies in the multiple universes. On the other hand, time is supposedly non-temporal, until contrary proof. And, to make it more interesting, it must exist a possible “Fortuity Law”, which was the origin of all these things. As the “time” passes by, this law must go on, very slowly, generating (?) all other laws and phenomena, keep on being discovered in the science field, considering that they already existed within an immense and abyssal hierarchy of laws and phenomena, result of the “Fortuity Law”. The dilemma that faces us is: “How we would fit in all these things? How to convert it into a clear, objective and simple language which gives us an over whelming vision of the cosmic reality with its multiple quantum universes? Because instead of strange paradoxes there is an enormous quantity of energies, vibrations, waves, forces, paradoxes and laws that we do not know but that form the “Matritial Worlds” in the phenomenal creation theatre. But we must be quite sure that all these things make sense.

The Matritial Worlds

Considering all the above I will move forward, trying to clear up all these perceptions and its multiple unfolding. In this sense the “knowledge” as we know, may be, in fact, a limited set of nano-tiny parts of the supreme “Fortuity Law” that rules the whole cosmos, generating other big, small and lowest laws with all their own dynamics and regencies. And permeating all there is the “non-temporal time” that causes some kind of complexity. And this complexity, generates an ad-infinitum inter-connections net which produces the improvement and refinement of the cosmos. Considering this net is alive and has consciousness, it involves everything and everyone in its matritial worlds. The “matritial worlds” in their turn are the origin and the end of multiple universes that, in this way, perform their functions through evolution and revolutions, following the profound movements and their parallel effects, conducted by reverse, diffuse and scaled principles which confirm the determinism of the creation. Now, imagine that all this “process” generates the sequential phenomena, forming a chain of associations – prapancha – in the different worlds. And the phenomena can be, for example, since the appearance of a new universe up to the movement of the universes and this galaxies, the birth of a new star, a huge electromagnetic stellar tempest, a strong glacial change, the rare phenomenon of the “spherical lightning”, the boreal aurora, a maritime storm wind, a big cyclone or hurricane, an immense fog, a long period of cold or rain, or even a drought period. But we can situate ourselves in other examples which are much more near to us, as the own perception obtained through the constant practices of Hatha Yoga or Raja Yoga and each daily fact that can be analyzed as a series of moments – kshana – in our day-to-day life. And we must not forget that the man, through inappropriate actions, interferes in the nature and in the phenomena in a negative and dangerous form. There is still our existence with its wide transmigration line which can be understood as the sum of the phenomena-moments series until it reaches its final purpose, or Dharma. The interesting is that our “sense of time passing” implies a perception of movement and transaction from one phenomenon to another, always connected to the heavier and denser matter. On the other hand the most refined flux of vibrations – soma – and energies that flows from the beginning of the creation, spite of being continuous and without past, present or future as it is an unique paradox even in the deepest and most different subtle levels, generates an apparent “cumulative effect” since its huge proportions – or big scales – down to small proportions – or nano scales; may be the molecules, components of the atoms that in the material or dense world induce people to believe they are individualities, create mentally a perception of “past, present and future”. But if anyone could escape from this feeling would easily discover that everything is an ad-infinita unity of light in a continuous movement - that means the vibrations and waves which interlace and dance all the time following a celestial music in a fantastic and marvelous way. And that this light, vibration, wave and movement unity has colors and holographic forms which interact and transmute constantly. And that this is the posterior and true origin of the life and of the consciousness and not the visual form of the dense matter as we see and know it.

For whom the stars shine

And suddenly, in one very special night, from the top of a high mountain, with just a simple telescope, we would be able to look at the stars – we certainly would be enchanted with the magnificent lights, colors, movements, radiances, mutations, dances, poetries, creation and happiness irradiating from the sky. This is the infinite scenery of the loving “Cosmic Theatre”! All this above form, in principle, a fantastic “sequence of successions” and this sequence is understandable as a series of different realities or elements. And under the viewpoint of an observer, the events seem to happen consecutively. And the sequence of successions – krama – depends upon one or several differential elements. And this element, on its turn, depends upon a determined manifestation of the creation – abhaasa. And over all, in that exact moment, it may occur an equal or similar phenomenon, in another dimension, because the power, the strength and the energy of the creation has no limits. But the sequence of succession is about a differentiated vision, a deep perception of the observer. But in reality, it is not an unique occurrence, in an unique “time” (?), within an unique space, because holographically speaking even if we consider the different hues, vibration and waves, it will still be occurring simultaneously in other “matritial worlds”.


All the above has no value if it does not bring love, kindness, fondness, comprehension, serenity, balancing and smoothness to the creatures, to the beings and to the human beings who cohabit this planet. We also tried to demonstrate, through another proposition, that the man will be the only responsible for his own ruin due to the environmental and human destruction he is causing all over the world with feelings like covetousness, ambition, unbridled consuming, ignorance, hate, envy and, above all, total lack of consciousness about all things that surround him. Hope this written may serve as a way to peace and harmony among all.

Yours, fondly,
Namaste and see you soon!
Claudio Duarte

Claudio Duarte: Member of UNESCO, Executive Secretary to PACY International (Pan American Commission for Yoga), Independent Researcher, graduated in Administration, in Sanskrit and Pedagogy, with Specialization in Oriental Philosophy, MBA Strategic Management.


The Zero Point

On the “sixteenth section” of this chapter, I discussed about some possibilities of the cosmic expansion acceleration – Vishva Sphaara – and its respective breakdowns into this and into other universes, about the Fortuity Law (to which I will still refer a lot), about my personal vision of the “matritial worlds” and how they produce and reproduce other realities, possibly governed by the “Vibrations Theory” (or Spanda Matam”), which I am elaborating and developing in a step by step basis.

In this “seventeenth section”, I will continue enlarging this reasoning using the term “Zero Point“– ZP. This is a basic term which I created to configure the “moment”, considering that I have not found another more adequate word to define this moment which precedes the beginning of the “Fortuity Law”, and its all breakdowns in the Big Bang or Bindu Vishpot which are inserted in the domains of the vibrations, energies, waves and quantic forces. I’ve called it “Q Forces”, or simply “QF”, the letters I will use in the future as symbols of an equation.

Time, Space and Fortuity When I formulated the presupposition about the interaction of time, space and fortuity, I began from the principle that:

a) these three items coexist in an integrated way
b) the space is within the time and
c) fortuity appears or raises and act from and after the concept I called as “The Zero Point”.

But, if according to my point of view, time precedes space, with the Big Bang – or Bindu Vishpot – brought into action by the Fortuity Law, the space fills up the time and nevermore will be empty, considering space as a set of vibrations, waves, energies and other elements and phenomena produced by the quantic forces or “Q Forces – QF”. Preceding all these events, the first and bigger vibration-energy form that arose in an even bigger scale, was the “Dark Energy – DE” – Akash or Akasha – which supports and feeds all existing things. Without this “DE”, everything becomes nonsense and meaningless.

Pleadings and Enlightenments

In order to enlarge the basis of my statements, I’ll present some other presuppositions. First of all we must understand that this universe is only 13,7 billion years old and this is a very small period of time considering that it must approach trillion of years, in spite of all abyssal transformations which will certainly occur. There also is a very serious question involving the “elements”.

We can´t and must not go on thinking that the same elements which form this planet here, are the same which form the stars from over there. Some of them really are, but, definitely, just a part of it, even why the different phenomena which occur in the celestial dimensions are governed by different laws which due to the deep of the non-temporal time seem to move in “Echeloned Transits” – that means – they repeat themselves cyclically in different spatial regions. But the difference of time, space and fortuity transform them, giving them new version or new configurations in the fascinating quantic world and – of course – new elements.

And the continuous occurrence of phenomena, form a masterly apart world because above all the continuous repetition they originate the new quantic laws. On the other side, at least “a priori”, there isn’t a fixed genealogy for the repetitive patterns of some phenomena and their respective laws. But if these phenomena only occur due to the over whelming deep and to the changes of this and other universes which act as continuous “Expansion and Contractions”, they generate the “Phenomenological Laws” which produce the phenomena.

A Possible Category for the Laws

Within this masterly cosmic reality we can form in echelon the laws in different categories:

a) Abyssal comprising laws, as for example, the ones which generate or create the quantic universes.
b) Amply comprising laws, as for example, the ones which generate or create new realities within each quantic universe.
c) Very comprising laws, as for example, those which generate acknowledge realities within a certain quantic universe, as this one.
d) Comprising laws, as for example, the ones which generate acknowledge realities within a certain planet, as this one.
This echeloning is only used to facilitate a more realistic and more obvious vision and perspective of the cosmos, giving it a simple idea of the involved dimension, because “the structures and the phenomena” which measure this “Reality Paradox” is immeasurable in all plans, dimensions, folds, layers, refractions and overlapping, being less or more active, less or more subtle. On the other hand, in order to amplify this possible category of laws, I invoke, once more, the Resonance Laws – or continuous and repetitive vibrations and waves reverberations, even in different dimensions or scales, to try to show that the “Recurring Phenomena” are responsible for the generation of the structures of this and of other quantic universes which are being formed alongside many “aeons”.

Non-Temporal Cosmo Visions and the Circular Time

And besides all these conclusions, independently of the non-linearity of the time, space and fortuity, I think that time is not even symmetric nor non-symmetric, but circular. I’ll try to expose this concept-idea. As an example, try to visualize a round experimental cage, turning round during ten years, with all it s elements inside. During this time there had been present (?), past (?) and future (?). Imagine this cage suspended by an imaginary axle in any place within the time, space and fortuity. This cage is submitted to all phenomena into which it is inserted, due to its significance into this context. It is obvious that this cage has a structure and a meaning. But in the whole set, as all other multiplicity of elements, it is submitted to the time, space and fortuity into which it is inserted. We observe, per analogy, that all this universe we know, goes round impelled by the power of the energies, with its vibrations and waves. Time is what determines all this complex movement – and time is always in circles, even with the aggravating holographic elliptic which trespass this and other multiple universes. The gravitational question and the gravity force are produced by the time, acting over the space and the fortuity as a whole, in the set of quantic actions and reactions. And the balance of the vibrations, waves and quantic forces is, at the same time, very strong and very tenuous, while the gravity maintains the “constant vibrations of the particles” – CVP – forming each universe. In this way even the things we consider as stopped, are in constant movement. Just to give a simple example we can see the action of the time over the multiple universes generating or producing circles or circular realities. This universe is composed by circles or circular structures, including the stellar system, the solar system and its structure. It is formed by circles or circular bases and this round planet, like all other planets and their elements, is formed by circles or something very similar, under the fantastic action of the time. Just look and see. This idea-concept can explain the perceptions of past, present and future, that means, it explains as everything goes round within a funny and circular time, in all states of the nature - the mega, the macro, the medium, the normal, the micro or the nano states.

Fortunate Conclusion The emerging complexity contained into the time and into the multiple universes and the abyssal amplitude produced by all these elements is the point which makes the serious researchers to face the difficulty of discernment. I do not consider it as a creative deficit, but as a normal conditioning superavit proper of the mistaken culture (?) which alongside the time has been spread into this planet. But I also truly believe that we have to indefatigably search for new horizons and new sources of visions and ideas. We have to launch a new spiritual light over the comprehension and the predominant pseudo-thinking which conduct us to a new transformer and redeemer knowledge.

Yours, fondly,
Namaste and see you soon!
Claudio Duarte

Claudio Duarte: Member of UNESCO, Executive Secretary to PACY International (Pan American Commission for Yoga), Independent Researcher, graduated in Administration, in Sanskrit and Pedagogy, with Specialization in Oriental Philosophy, MBA Strategic Management.



On the "seventeenth section" of this chapter, I discussed about the beginning of the "Fortuity Law", the vibrations, waves and energies dominions and the whole set of the "Quantic Forces" or "Q Forces". I also approached the coexistence of time, space and fortuity and their deep interaction. I have mentioned that this universe is only 13,7 billion years old, but after researching specialized sources, I can say that it is from 13,7 billion to 15,8 billion years old – but this does not change the insignificance of such a period, considering the fact that it will certainly reach trillion of years, or even more. And I also have gone forward in slow steps through the "Vibrations Theory" or "Spanda Matam" which I have been carefully elaborating.

On this "eighteenth section" I will go on deepening this theory, but I want to mention some other visions and enlightenments which will give a solid and consistent structure to the "Vibrations Theory", as basis of theoretical support.

Cosmic Consciousness

I'd like to remember that I consider cosmos as the whole set of multiple universes with its atavic and permanent memory which is the general consciousness of this cosmos. And, of course, this permanent memory or primal consciousness, in any of the multiple universes, is generated and transmitted by vibrations and energy waves which trespass all of them, but in different ways. On the other hand, this primal consciousness in its atomized form is responsible for transmitting to us the information and the concept-idea of knowledge.

But we must understand and accept that the knowledge and information which come to us are restricted "moments" of the ad-infinitum cosmic field of the total primal consciousness which forms and transforms the multiple quantic universes inside the cosmos – considering this we may assert that the cosmic consciousness is absolute and interacts in the universe in a continuous and constant way. Therefore, considering the scientific or the real point of view, it is not nonsensical to placidly accept their existence. In a process of "non-linear and not even linear" phenomena, there always is a continuum expansive result – perhaps almost unlimited – independently of the origin principle or of the size of this originator factor, which may be tiny, small or big. Let's take the climate as a non-linear example. In this case, a small variation in a determined place may cause devastating alterations in other distant places. This consequence configures an inequality in the natural cause and effect law. And I can even get the risk to affirm that the cosmos with its multiple universe accelerates even more in due proportion of its expansion. Matritial Worlds

When I referred to matritial worlds I also mentioned the "Zero Point – ZP", which is the preceding moment of this universe. But I want to make it clear that I use the term "matritial worlds" or matrikas, to reaffirm the real possibility of existence of other worlds or universes, with different temporalities and in different dimensions or realities consequently governed by different phenomenic laws. And, once again, I appeal to the existence of "echeloned transits" in those laws, which means that they occur and happen coherently in an echeloned way. That means - from the occurrence of abyssal comprising laws up to their dilution in small structures. Sometimes they are so small that are just impossible to be detected. And all these laws may use the "Vibrations Theory" or "Spanda Matam" as their principle, basis or origin – a theory that I have been detailing since the first section of this chapter. A New Model of Cosmos

In this sense I'll expose some other concepts and meanings of the word "spanda" or vibrations, in order to make even more clear the idea and central proposal of this context.

1o.) "Spanda" is a Sanskrit word which means vibration or vibrations, or even, wave or waves, as explained in the first section. But it is a very rich word and comprises many other meanings.
2o.) I use the spanda or vibrations concept as a potential basis to reach a possible and far equation in order to try to define the multidimensional cosmos. Of course, it is necessary to build up an advanced "model" in scalar quantic mechanics. But this model can not use only the vetorial mathematics because it must deal with other concepts and concrete realities and not only with possible abstract concepts. If so, it would be necessary to make several adjustments in the axiomas of the abstract mathematic vectors in order to adequate and apply them to the echeloned quantic physics using concrete and determining components in all senses, under any circumstances and – definitely – the differentiated "zero reference" form in this field. Just and only so we will reach a new model of multidimensional and unlimited "cosmos". And, more than that, change the present vision and comprehension about vacuum because the concept of vacuum is interposed by a masterly quantity of light or primal energy which form the basis of the virtual particles. These nano-particles transfer themselves from one universe to others and for this reason they disappear almost instantaneously. So, with the present knowledge and gauging instruments it is possible to detect them in this planet, considering that the transference is very quick and the time they remain here is very limited. But these vibration fluctuations with their cosmic waves are responsible for the production of so fantastic quantic phenomena through the multiple universes. Or, until contrary proof, what other explanation would that be?
3o.) Spanda or vibrations as origin, or even fundamental part, of a principle or of the essential nature of the creative process.
4o.) Spanda or vibrations as primary or fundamental element of a law or of the ad-eternum principle with all arch and complex unfolding.
5o.) Spanda or vibrations as source of all states and stages of cosmic developments
6o.) Spanda or vibrations as matrix and generator of all scalar quantic phenomena of cosmic nature.
7o.) Spanda or vibrations as provider and maintainer source of all energy and cosmic waves.
8o.) Spanda or vibrations as absolute source of all other cosmic manifestations.
9o.) Spanda or vibrations as the absolute source of light under all aspects already known and not known.
10o.) Spanda or vibrations as crucial element for the beginning, the middle and the end of the cosmos – considering that it could have an end!
11o.) Spanda or vibrations, key element of inter translation among the different fields energies – which goes through and crosses all structures of time, space and fortuity!

Happy and Lucid Conclusion!

Considering all the facts I have exposed, we have to look towards the existing world of illusion, ignorance and misery, under a different perspective. We have to look forward. Above all, we must also change our own lives through a more consistent and existential process. A more serious and responsible process in terms of existence and environment. A less destructive and destructor process, clearly rejecting any kind of harmful and pernicious vices in the individual or in the collective scope. And more than that, we must avoid being slaves of ideas, visions and pseudo-forms of pre-conceived lives which do not meet the real wishes of a fair, lucid, ethical and balanced planetary society. At last, we must obsessively seek for the reconstruction of new, benefic and positive standards of life which would be able to completely eliminate – whether it is possible – the false and abominable standards of life which concern only to hidden and hideous purposes, are mining and destructing the so wrongly called human civilization. Although the accommodation and self-imposed blindness of the human race are also responsible for this situation. So, think about that!

Yours, fondly,
Namaste and see you soon!
Claudio Duarte

Claudio Duarte: Member of UNESCO, Executive Secretary to PACY International (Pan American Commission for Yoga), Independent Researcher, graduated in Administration, in Sanskrit and Pedagogy, with Specialization in Oriental Philosophy, MBA Strategic Management.

Integrative Medicine A new vision for Good Health

Integrative Medicine A new vision for Good Health

Union of Therapies

Integrative Medicine is a proposal, a project which is circulating around the world, as well as in the east as in the west sides. To have a vision of all events about it, you just have to take a simple glance at internet and will discover what is happening in European Commonwealth, in the USA – www.imconsortium.org – in Japan and in a smaller scale in China, Brazil and Jerusalem, Israel. In Brazil, specifically in São Paulo, you will find the first event in this area, organized on last October by the author of this article, together with a very specialized committee. Integrative medicine brings in its content, a rigorous and methodological approach for the union of conventional medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, didactic and traditional classic yoga, acupuncture, psychology, homeopathy, nutrition, phonology and many other therapies known in a broad and deep partnership. This partnership tries to present and give to the civil society a more fair, balanced and accessible “condition of somatological and biological health”. All this supported even on propaedeutic or therapeutic projects and programs and based on historic and extensive diagnosis of the patients, their families and even on the professional and social environments. This new conception proposed by the “Integrative Medicine” is searching for more solid, better, more complete and more humanized results and benefits. All this does not mean that the present technological apparatus is not an advanced and valuable thing, but it became dehumanised, cold and distant from fundamental human values proposed in the ancient traditional medicine. If by one side it generated remarkable and fantastic advances, by another side it caused a gap between the traditional physician and the patient. And I would like to make it clear that, together with thousands and thousands of other professional all over the world, we are not trying to change the principles and canons of the traditional medicine. We are just showing and proofing that based on numbers and solid statistics from the European Commonwealth, from USA, from Japan and other places around the world, that something is breaking down, something is misaligning into the traditional medicine – but, at the same time, a new, serious and well founded and methodological phenomenon is arising. This phenomenon is the integrative Medicine which comes slowly but in a safe, consistent and irreversible way.

Rethinking the Good Health

There are serious additional data from all over the world, showing that the biggest part of the planet population, for many different reasons, are gradually moving away from the traditional medicine and searching other means of healing and maintenance of a good health. And this clearly means the emergence of a new way of thinking and acting. This fact involves since the high and impracticable value of the health plans – which many times cheats and affects the insured people – up to public policies whose money flows through the drains of corruption, lack of serious and clear information about drugs, products or even about conventional medical treatments and worst of all, lack of comprehension and understanding of the physicians, that the patient is not a number or a simple figure, but a human being with feelings, values and perception, besides affection and self esteem.

Benefits of a Good Health

This is the point where the concept of integrative medicine points out the proposal and the merit of a more humanistic and advanced vision without putting aside by any means, the scientific or methodological basis of its activities, pointing out the whole human being. In its worldwide proposal the integrative medicine searches a deep and harmonious integration involving professionals form different areas and aims, above all, the total benefit of the patient’s health – a patient who is a human being and must be seen and treated like that. And there is no other way , there is no other direction. The integrative medicine is a “new model” of benefit for the good health where professionals are able to see and listen the patients with time, dedication, special cares and fraternity, looking each one as an individual person and not as a group without face, without feelings. This kind of behavior may interesting for the laboratories which aims financial gains and may, many time generate delicate and problematic errors, including exchange of results. It is also clear that we can not put aside or forget that the professional performs his activities and receives his income from the same inexorable reality. But the cost benefit factor must have balance, equity and origin

New Paths

In the integrative medicine there is a natural and positive tendency of joining, of fusing efforts from different areas and professional fields trying to integrate the prevention (propaedeuthic) and the healing process (therapeutic), so these two lines are not linked to just one kind of professional, to justo one kind of segment of holders of knowledge. But on the other hand, we can have several and different professional segments, as quoted in the first part of this article, acting and interacting together within the vision of the “Integrative Medicine”, working in a special synergy, searching the best positive results for the patient. And this can not be achieved by an unique professional of an unique specific area, because in this case there would be lack of a more wide, complex and deep vision of the situation.

Being Healthy and Happy

Concerning to all above, the “Integrative Medicine” suggest the return of the treatment as whole and not of jus one or another part, where the final vision is the whole being and not just one material body composed by pure stuff. It is always necessary to look, see and respect the mind and the emotional, nervous and psychological somatology of the human being. If these factors are not observed and considered everything will go on as it is because a situation like this is more comfortable and generates more profits for the mega-industry to produce and maintain people sick or as half-dead. To see this you just have to give a look over the prices and billionaire profits of the medicaments which do not heal nothing and one and bring heavy collateral chemical effects, affecting and addicting the users. So, it is urgent to advise the society about these very serious facts, but it is also urgent to bring new, serious and well based proposals considering the methodological and scientific aspects.

This is an innovative and unprecedented vision contained in the core of the Integrative Medicine. And above all, the society and the people as human beings must be able to assimilate and get serious benefits of the concepts and the magnanimous proposal of the integrative medicine. Be all of you well come to an attempt of a new, better, happier, healthier and more balanced world! So, we are now waiting for the support and participation from the society, from the media and from other professionals to try, together, at least, to improve an archaic, decadent and sick world, dominated by addiction, apathy, and accommodation, making it a better place to live.

Yours, fondly,
Namaste and see you soon!
Claudio Duarte

Claudio Duarte: Member of UNESCO, Executive Secretary to PACY International (Pan American Commission for Yoga), Independent Researcher, graduated in Administration, in Sanskrit and Pedagogy, with Specialization in Oriental Philosophy, MBA Strategic Management.
Integrative Medicine II

Integrative Medicine II

A new vision of the Society and the Ordinance nr. 971 of the Ministry of Health

Public Health Policy

In Brazil, the term Integrative Medicine comes officially from the fortunate Ordinance nr. 971, from the Ministry of Health, published in the Official Union Diary in may 3rd, 2006. This ordinance was originated from the 162nd. regular meeting of the National Health Council, the highest representation of civil society within the federal administration, along with representatives from the Ministry of Health. In this historic and unprecedented meeting it was unanimously approved the text "National Policy on Integrative and Complementary Medicines for the Unified Health System." At that time, the proposal has become a national reality, and was the fruit of long years of struggle, from many enlightened minds who sought and still seek a "public health policy" that can effectively define criteria, standards and procedures for the so called " Integrative Medicine”, which should not be confused with conventional medicine and its procedures. The integrative medicines also use a structured approach with specific techniques and methodologies and above all, a deeply humane and humanitarian vision, without losing the professional focus. But the proposal is comprehensive and involves more complex developments. For example, the own critical way in which it is developed in the current Brazilian society, which does not pay too much attention for the “health” item. This society is much more oriented to the "rampant consumerism" where quantity outweighs quality. There is a lack of awareness and healthy attitudes which create a non promising scenario of health, welfare and happiness.

New Directions

We can strongly affirm that the integrative medicine in its scope and context, is largely preventive and acts as a solid therapeutic process in many ways and situations. And this fact is well known and consummated within the society as a whole and in all social scales, including scientific background in the most varied and sophisticated theses and bibliographies. On the other hand we know that conventional or allopathic medicine in its scope and in its context, is geared more towards a possible solution of the diseases even if it is made through the use of lethal drugs - under the label of remedies - even though in most cases such questionable remedies bring side effects that could somehow harm human beings. It is still on conventional medicine the practicing of surgical interventions - known as surgeries - to restore or recover organic or biological structures carrying injuries or serious diseases.

It is from these two formal observations, that the role of Integrative Medicine has to be considered as a secure bridge in order to provide not only a complementary healing process but also be a path or a set of methods that can generate much more benefit to health and well being of society. These methods can provide even more balance and joy and save millions of dollars to state coffers, whereas in a sick society spending on social security are immense. In a healthy society the trend is that surplus funds and investments to remedy diseases is directed to health, education, culture and leisure. Thus, the real possibility of integrating allopathic medicine and Integrative Medicine, has everything to become a strong factor in improving health and collective well-being, with extremely positive results. It is the responsibility of social workers to move the gears of the "system" to make it happen. Through research conducted with civil society, we see that they have already taken their decision options. But let's look at other factors involved in this reality.

Health Plans and Pharmacies

We are aware that professionals of the two mentioned areas are always looking for a good education and a well founded knowledge based on methodological and scientific segments. We also know that the training of any professional requires time, financial resources and constant recycling. In addition to this there is a worldwide dispute between the chemical and pharmaceutical companies, not only for leading sales and profits in the international and in the Brazilian market, but what is worse, by imposing their not always so nice drugs, which leads many professionals to the center of a serious dilemma.

This dilemma is not good for them or society. There is another very complicated situation that is the infamous "health plans" (and here I do not want to generalize), whose title is wrong because truly speaking, they are "plans of diseases", because they create misty and complex contracts through which millions of customers are disrespected and affronted each time they need to use the plan. And to make the view even worse, these plans are directed to their exclusive greed on profits, against the physicians impeding them to use some labs for analysis or not approving medical procedures. And we are no discussing all the problems with wrong diagnosis made in labs which give quantity but not qualified results. And all these actions generate more and more crises to the Allopathic healing medicine and open a real huge space for the Integrative Medicine which prevents and heals.

A New World

Considering all above, I think it is the right moment to join forces, to join dispersed intelligences, to join professional from different propaedeutic and therapeutic areas - professionals from health, prevention and cure - giving the starting kickoff to a national vigorous movement. And with this movement the Integrative Medicine and the Allopathic Medicine would effectively work together, designing a new and promising future for health and wellbeing, not only for the society, but for the whole medical segment. The society and the medical segment are passing through a very long period of struggle against a coated system addicted in many senses and aspects, a system which does not respect the legal rights of the society, a system which breaks unnecessary suffering to the society, a system which does not respect the conventional physicians and tries to coerce them, threaten them in their legitimate, ethical and professional rights. And considering all this above I reaffirm that we have to turn our attention to this new and strange world and give all our support the integrative medicine. So, hurrah to Integrative Medicine!!!

Yours, fondly,
Namaste and see you soon!
Claudio Duarte

Claudio Duarte: Member of UNESCO, Executive Secretary to PACY International (Pan American Commission for Yoga), Independent Researcher, graduated in Administration, in Sanskrit and Pedagogy, with Specialization in Oriental Philosophy, MBA Strategic Management.
The Multiple Universes

The Multiple Universes - a Constant and Intense Interaction Process


In the "eighteenth section" of this chapter, I tried on deeper theoretical underpinnings of my "Theory of Vibrations" or "Spanda Matam". However, I tried to show aspects of it, especially on the grounds of a new model of the cosmos, multidimensional and unlimited, but at no time or under any circumstances, I rejected the important and valuable contributions already existing in this regard but, on the other hand, I suggested the possibility of strengthening them with another language and perspective

And perhaps most important, is the immense theoretical effort that I have been proposing under its own sub-title "or the word spanda vibrations and a new model of multidimensional and unlimited cosmos" in its second item, where I look at the concrete possibility of reaching a possible and distant equation by which one can "try to set" even though the spectral form, the multidimensional cosmos. I know what all this implies, in many different aspects, but this proposal this approach, which involves a collective and global scientific effort, can not be put aside. I also remember and reaffirm here, everything I have written in the previous section, regarding the existence of a masterful cosmic process of "non-linear and not even linear" phenomena of the phased transits, the current mistaken view about the vacuum and also the urgent need for using concrete mathematical vectors and not the abstract and empty ones as the zero reference or the number zero for all these calculations. In this nineteenth edition I will expose a few more topics that I consider necessary and important in my formulation of the "Theory of Vibrations" or "Spanda Matam".

Understanding the Mind of this Present Universe

In the now-a-day "Society Model", where the "owners" of science just watch what they want or believe they are able to make it happen, these attitudes greatly limit the development of the so-called human capabilities. With these attitudes we lose a lot in relation to the natural heuristic, or even in relation to the different methods and its results or natural realities. If we can understand the "mind of the universe here, we will be taking a huge step toward discovering new worlds and other realities, because the cosmic memory is substantiality and permeates throughout this and other multiple universes as one But there is a delicate question that otherwise is not easily perceived and that becomes a serious impediment to the current human civilization, that means the fact that the concrete or real-time is not the same time lived, thought or felt by the human mind. And this is a big mistake that has to be defeated by humanity, because it is the key of the so needed development which can lift people out of the current state of lethargy and mental illusion.

The paradoxical architecture of the Multiple Universes

Within a given universe, everything revolves around itself, around a primary, secondary, tertiary, or even up to the unimaginable limits of cosmic infinitude. It's just like every epistemological continuum functioning as a priori or in a priori nature. If you ask me about infinitude, I quote atomism to illustrate it. And that particular universe also rotates and moves constantly. It is the strength and dimension - SD - in such a rotation that will determine its contents, each stellar system - SS - with its own endoculture of action, reaction and movement. This depends on whether such a system is closer to the core of that universe, where the vibrational energies are more powerful, or in an intermediate region, or the edges of that abysmal universe, where the vibrational energies works with smaller scale or vibrational force - fd. In a fantastic and futuristic vision of multiple universes, we might glimpse them in a complex and multidimensional holographic image, like zillions of hyper-spheres, circles or discs semi-inflated in the center by multiple sidereal galaxies, with never imagined colors, overlapping - and in many cases, juxtaposed - rotating in spiral elliptical or anomalous spirals or anomalous in many different reactions, with masterful rotations, and all this amazing and paradoxical "heavenly orchestra" generating an image of the deeper rhythm, harmony and melody, in a strange synchronicity. And all this always moved by energetic and vibrational forces – fve - in the most different layers and dimensions.

A Systemic and Necessary Reformulation Even with the limits that language imposes on us, I'm slowly looking for a neo-spatial reinterpretation of our current vision of "universe" with a new emphasis on "universes." To do this, I postulate that into the different hyper-cycles by aeons, there are different levels of events generating "events in chain." In these chains there is organization and reorganization creating settlements responsible for forming apparently structured "neo-cosmic systems". But considering the concept of "time, space and fortuity," it is not definitive, because everything is in constant motion. So what exists is a "multi-scale interactionism" or MI into which the patterns and trends are temporary occurrences where each one of the multiple universes is a celestial platform with multiple galaxies in constant transformation, generating surprising variables in each moment. That means that the interaction process – a priori – goes beyond any possibility envisioned in this regard over the past millennia in this planetoid.

How to analyze the DNA of the Cosmos?

I believe that through a deeper analysis of the "Theory of Vibrations" or "Spanda Matam", we can put elements in a sequence to unveil, at least, some part of the DNA of this universe in order to face a very small "provisory partial sample" of the DNA of the cosmos. But in this current stage, in spite of all wishes and aspirations, we would never be able to discover, write or get the total genomic sequence, unless we could be assisted by extremely advanced civilizations that might exist on the borders of the galactic core of this universe.

Conclusion and Elucidation

I think it is necessary to make it clear that I am not using any bibliographic reference, and to develop what I have been postulating and writing since long time, I started from nothing, from scratch, using only a broad and deep vision of universes, some very specific observations and a radical and comprehensive reasoning line. I know this way is a hard and difficult option, the purest vision of deep and lonely perspective. But it is a futuristic and revolutionary way and with no return. And, in any way, not fearing the struggles, I use the stones of the path as landmarks of a bright new vision and in this respect I'm seeding small, colorful and graceful flowers, as precious as the stars in outer space!

Yours, fondly,
Namaste and see you soon!
Claudio Duarte

Claudio Duarte: Member of UNESCO, Executive Secretary to PACY International (Pan American Commission for Yoga), Independent Researcher, graduated in Administration, in Sanskrit and Pedagogy, with Specialization in Oriental Philosophy, MBA Strategic Management.

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